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Sports Training

Read about Beyond FASST Philosophy by Nigel Price


The focus of Beyond FASST is to provide athletes with the tools to help them prepare and maintain their bodies for the demands of athletics, develop discipline and work ethic, and have fun while doing it.

Training for movement and strength will:

  1. Reduce the risk for injury – Injuries are a part of sport and some cannot be prevented. By learning the proper movement skills and developing the proper levels of strength, mobility, and stability, bodies are better able to endure the stresses of sports. Also, you can’t perform if you can’t play.
  2. Enhance performance – Better physically prepared bodies will perform better when they are on the field. Coordination is key – an athlete with better overall body coordination can increase their ability to learn and maintain the skills for a particular sport.
  3. Increase strength and power – Power is a function of strength and speed. In human movement, developing strength will help to increase running speed. Combining strength, speed and coordination of movement increases power production and increases overall athleticism.

Developing discipline and work ethic:

  1. Respect for coaches and other athletes – While we are here to have fun, respect for coaches and the other athletes within the group will be expected at all times.
  2. Respect for parents – We fully expect our athletes to treat their parents with respect at all times. Parents are providing their efforts and resources for our athletes. We respect parents for their part and we expect the same of our athletes.
  3. Developing work ethic – Learning movement and strength training takes time and effort to do it correctly, and to get the most benefit from it, we have to progress in a logical fashion. We cannot run before we can walk (or march and skip). We will emphasize that the quality of the work we put in is more important than the quantity of work. We expect 100% effort in every aspect of training.

Have fun:

  1. Encouragement – We will encourage our athletes and we expect our athletes to encourage each other. In order for a team to flourish, each member of the team should encourage the success of everyone else on the team.
  2. Competition – We will incorporate competition into the training program. The goal is not to “win” drill, but to put into practice the skills that you are learning. Winning will come.
  3. Enjoy the process – When an athlete works hard for their success they will appreciate it. As a coach, there is no greater joy than to see the moment when an athlete “gets it”.